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Our Mission

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As a result of medical innovation and demographic changes, combined with resource constraints in collectively financed health schemes, the need has arisen to seek a balance between fair access to effective health care and the need to set rational limits.

At InnoValHC, we are committed to supporting policy- and decision-makers at all levels by impartial analysis. Our research relies on established techniques and tools from fields such as evidence-based medicine, health economics, strategic innovation and change management.

Further to this, we are committed to contributing to much-needed improvements of evidence generation and economic assessment, including Health Technology Assessment criteria and processes. In an ideal world, evaluation methods should reflect prevailing social norms and preferences, incorporating the perspectives of citizens and patients.

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Our Purpose

InnoValHC contributes to the transfer of good scientific practice into the real world of problem-solving in health care decision-making.

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Our Philosophy

At InnoValHC, we take pride in the strict neutrality of our studies and analyses – enabled by the privilege of academic independence.

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Our Perspectives

At InnoValHC, our studies and analyses are guided by careful consideration of the appropriate perspective of analysis, and the implications of choice of perspective for the interpretation of evaluation results. Often it will be desirable to adopt more than one evaluation perspective, in order to shed light on the sometimes very different consequences for heterogeneous stakeholder groups.

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What We Can Do for You

InnoValHC offers a wide range of services to support health care decision-makers at all levels.

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