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Our Purpose

We contribute to solving complex problems in an international health care environment that is characterized by increasing regulation, often driven by the desire of policy-makers to control expenditures and to allocate scarce resources in a rational and ethically defensible manner.

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This requires answers

to questions such as

  • What attributes determine the value of health care, and how should they be measured?
  • How should we assess the opportunity costs of adopting a new health care program?
  • What are the implications for pricing and reimbursement?
  • How should we address risk and uncertainty associated with funding decisions?
  • What are the implications for current and future research & development (R&D)?
  • What is the appropriate role of the various types of economic evaluation and decision analysis?

This implies research

into the

  • normative foundations and methods of health economic evaluation;
  • mechanisms of financing and delivery of health care, and their impact on outcomes, quality, and efficiency;
  • (e)valuation of innovative and established technologies, procedures, and products, applying state-of-the-art (economic and decision analytic) tools to support both patient-centered health care delivery and value-driven R&D.

Beyond adherence to rigorous methodological standards, the strict separation of evidence (factual knowledge) and interpretation (opinion and inherent value judgments) constitutes a fundamental principle of all InnoValHC projects.