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International Workshop

Workshop Program at Charterhouse Ittingen / Switzerland, November 05-06, 2010

Objectives of Health Technology Assessments (HTAs):
Public expectations, societal preferences, and current evaluation methods

Managed & Organized
by the
Institute for Innovation & Valuation in Health Care, InnoValHC, Wiesbaden / Germany

Moderated by
Prof. HSG Urs Brügger, Winterthur Institute of Health Economics, Zurich University of Applied Sciences / Switzerland, and
Prof. Michael Schlander, University of Heidelberg & InnoValHC / Germany

Participants include
Representatives of the Federal authorities, Cantons, Federal parliament, patient groups, medical community, experts, health insurer and the pharmaceutical industry

Welcome and Introduction to the Project

Thomas B. Cueni, Interpharma (Switzerland) & Stefan Kaufmann, santésuisse (Switzerland)
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Value Judgements in the Society

Topic: What are the objectives of collectively financed health care? Value judgements and societal preferences

Prof. Michael Schlander, Heidelberg & Wiesbaden / Germany
Objectives of Collectively Financed Health Schemes, Decision-Makers’ Needs, and Health Economic Analysis
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Claude Longchamp, gfs.bern, Berne / Switzerland
I. Results from Swiss and international survey studies
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Prof. Jeffrey Richardson, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria / Australia
II. Empirical evidence from the social sciences: Why we should not minimize cost per QALY
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International Experience

Topic: Health economic evaluation paradigms and international experience

Prof. Panos Kanavos, London School of Economics (LSE), London / England
The Role of Health Technology Assessment and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in England and Wales
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Prof. Ulf Persson, University of Lund / Sweden
The Swedish Experience (TLV)
I. Modifying the standard approach to health economic evaluation
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PD Dr. Andreas Gerber, Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), Cologne / Germany
The German Experience (IQWiG)
II. Modifying the standard approach to health economic evaluation
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Prof. Gérard de Pouvourville, ESSEC Business School, Paris / France
The French Experience (HAS)
HTA based on comparative clinical evaluation: Life without cost-effectiveness?
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Prof. Peter Ubel, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina / USA
Utility, adaptation and happiness in health economics
Preference-based (decision) or experienced utility?
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Evaluation Methods

Topic: Critical appraisal of current evaluation methods

Prof. Amiram Gafni, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario / Canada
Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratios (ICERs)
Information created to evade reality (ICER): things we should not look to for answers
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Prof. Tom Philipson, University of Chicago, Illinois / USA
Static and dynamic efficiency
Changes of cost effectiveness over time: (How) Should We Capture the Dynamics of Innovation?
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Prof. Jeffrey Richardson, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria / Australia
Individual versus social preferences
How Do We Translate Individual Preferences into Social Preferences?
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Prof. Weyma Luebbe, University of Regensburg / Germany
Measures of benefit, social values and claims
(How) Can the Current Health Economic Evaluation Paradigms Be Amended to Meet Fairness Objectives?
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