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Virtual ESMO Congress 2020

Research projects including a comparative analysis on health technology assessment (HTA) outcomes from England, France and Germany, as well as a comprehensive literature review on the development of medical costs were presented online at the Virtual ESMO Congress 2020 (September 19-21, 2020).

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WZW und HTA: Wie steht es um die Kosten / Nutzenbeurteilung in der Schweiz?

Talk in German available: Michael Schlander presented on the topic "HTA in Switzerland - WZW Criteria" (Wirksamkeit / Efficacy, Zweckmässigkeit / Appropriateness, Wirtschaftlichkeit / Efficiency) at the 6. Swiss Healthcare Day in Bern / Switzerland (January 15, 2020) .

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HTA Agencies Need Evidence-Informed Deliberative Processes

Epub ahead of print: Most recent publication on "HTA agencies need evidence-informed deliberative processes: Comment on "Use of evidence-informed deliberative processes by health technology assessment agencies around the globe" in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management (online available as of February 19, 2020).

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Availability, Accessibility and Delivery to Patients of Orphan Medicines approved by the EMA for Hereditary Metabolic Diseases

Now online available: Most recent research article by the MetabERN collaboration group on "Availability, accessibility and delivery to patients of the 28 orphan medicines approved by the European Medicine Agency for hereditary metabolic diseases in the MetabERN network" in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (online available as of January 06, 2020).

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